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Is filing for bankruptcy right for me and my family?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your monthly bills and have creditors harassing you on a daily basis, you are not alone.  Many people in King County are hurting right now.  The good news, however, is that relief is often available.  And, if you qualify, filing for bankruptcy here in Washington State is your legal right.  Depending on whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be able to either wipe out the majority of your debts or greatly reduce your monthly payments.

Our Bellevue bankruptcy lawyers will help you to understand your options.  Most of the people calling our offices seeking information about whether or not bankruptcy is right for them do qualify to file for relief.  After learning about your specific financial situation, we will help you to understand your options.  You can then make an informed decision about what path is best for you.

Bankruptcy is not a failure!

The bill collectors want you to believe that if you file for bankruptcy you are somehow a bad person or otherwise failing in life.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  Bankruptcy is not for everyone.  But the bankruptcy laws are here for your protection.  If you fall within the debt and income provisions, you owe it to yourself to learn more about what a fresh financial start can mean for you and your family.

Filing for bankruptcy can do many things.  In addition to wiping out qualifying debts, it can also stop all harassing phone calls, collection actions, garnishments, lawsuits and home foreclosures.  In most cases, our clients also keep all of their personal property.

We are Bellevue bankruptcy attorneys that serve all of King County.  Many credit card companies and bill collectors try to scare financially challenged people into believing that filing for bankruptcy will ruin their lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For the vast majority of people currently calling our offices and seeking advice, filing for bankruptcy is their best financial option and provides the breathing room they need for a fresh financial start. 

What about my credit score?  Will I ever be able to get credit again?

The Washington State and Federal bankruptcy laws were enacted to protect you.  They were also designed to allow people to begin rebuilding their financial lives.  Because filing for bankruptcy ultimately wipes out most, if not all, of your outstanding unsecured debts, your minimum payments on this debts are also wiped clean from your creditor report. 

Many factors go into your credit score.  But two of the most important factors remain how much you owe and how much available credit you are using.  The amount of credit that you have available is also a factor.  In most cases, filing for bankruptcy will ultimately assist you with all three of these factors.

Of course, careful financial planning and prudent debt management following filing for bankruptcy are crucial to rebuilding your credit.   By doing so, you will gradually increase your credit scores and maintain them over time.  Within a few short years after bankruptcy, however, many people can have FICO credit scores exceeding 700.

Let our Bellevue bankruptcy attorneys prequalify you based on the new bankruptcy laws.

Is filing a Bellevue bankruptcy my best option?  You will never know unless you take the time to find out. 

The experienced debt relief lawyers at Bellevue Bankruptcy Attorney are here to assist you in learning more about your legal rights and options.  If you qualify, we want to help you break away from the ongoing and often crushing cycle of debt from which so many of our clients suffer. 

Many people erroneously believe that the new bankruptcy laws will automatically prevent them from filing bankruptcy in Washington State.  This is simply untrue.

At Bellevue bankruptcy Lawyer, our experience indicates that over 90% of people can still qualify for bankruptcy under the new bankruptcy laws.

Our experience regarding qualifying individuals is not unique.  Extensive research indicates that over 90% of those people who were eligible to file for bankruptcy prior to the new laws took effect, remain eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  As a result, you will probably still qualify to discharge 100% of your unsecured debts.